High quality natural sea glass jewelry

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My journey with sea glass started when I was young. I gathered a lot of my older sea glass on the Rhode Island coast but also collected sea glass from all over U.S. beaches. I even won “Shard of the Year” at a North American Sea Glass convention so suffice it to say I can recognize sea glass quality.

Since I have many pieces of sea glass in my private collection, I decided to turn some of it into jewelry. My wife Dianne and I already own Bay State Opals so it made sense to follow the same path. Please feel free to stop by BayStateOpals.com to read more about our story.

Our sea glass rings and necklaces are made from natural sea glass that we have found or purchased from sea glass vendors and are all surf tumbled. 

Our fine/sterling silver jewelry is priced competitively with other sellers. Our heirloom-quality line of gold sea glass jewelry is more expensive because we use solid 18K gold for necklaces and rings and solid 14K gold chains. 

Do you love the beach and ocean? Take a little bit of it with you wherever you go with one of our timeless pieces. They are made to the highest quality to last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is your gold jewelry more expensive than other sellers?

At Bay State Sea Glass we believe that top jewelry-grade sea glass is just as beautiful as other top gems and deserves to be set in solid gold. We are one of the only sellers that use solid gold instead of gold plated silver. Roughly 70% of the price of our gold jewelry is the cost of the gold itself. One way to significantly reduce the price would be to use gold plating which could wear out over time showing the base metal underneath, which does not meet our quality standards. Another way would be to use a lesser grade of gold such as 14K. There is a significant difference in color of 14k gold vs. 18K so we prefer the latter.

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